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Created by a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering with over 50 years of experience, HANGGONE® is the only patented dual enzyme supplement that can help break down both alcohol and acetaldehyde, the toxic by-product responsible for rough mornings after drinking.


HANGGONE® lets you enjoy drinking alcohol and feel fresh the next day. For happy hours with friends, late-night dinner parties, and business with clients, take 3 HANGGONE® capsules before your first drink.

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What is HANGGONE®?2023-11-13T09:41:36+08:00

HANGGONE® is a new generation of health supplement containing two enzymes that occur naturally in small amounts in the body, and that effectively helps to alleviate Asian Flush symptoms and avoids hangover symptoms after an enjoyable night drinking!

What is HANGGONE® made of?2023-11-13T09:42:39+08:00

The main ingredient in HANGGONE® is a patented mixture of alcohol metabolizing enzymes extracted from beef liver sourced from Australia, manufactured in Hong Kong with modern biotechnology and proprietary extraction technologies.

How HANGGONE® helps?2023-11-13T09:45:50+08:00

Before the liver is overloaded with alcohol, our dual enzyme formulation has been shown to degrade most of the alcohol in the intestine into acetaldehyde, and then quickly into harmless acetic acid, thereby preventing the hangover and Asian Flush symptoms while drinking as well as the next morning!

How to use HANGGONE®?2023-11-13T09:47:07+08:00

Just take one pack (containing three capsules) of HANGGONE® before or after your first drink. If you have a wonderful night and drink more, take one more pack later in the evening to strengthen the effect.

Who can use HANGGONE®?2023-11-13T09:51:39+08:00

HANGGONE® is safe for all people who want to enjoy hangover-free and Asian Flush-free drinking.

Where can buy HANGGONE®?2024-05-30T17:05:00+08:00

Retail stores in Hong Kong:

  • City’super – IFC
  • City’super – Times Square
  • LOG-ON – Festival Walk
  • City’super – Harbour City
  • City’super – Airside
  • Lab Concept
  • GDV Fine Wines (Wanchai)

Distributor in Macau:

  • 康福健有限公司 – 澳門高園街2-C號輝寶閣地下B座
  • 澳洋藥房 – 澳門菜園新街105號地下
  • 853健康薈 – 澳門新濠影滙一樓D & E號
  • 便民藥房(噴水池店) – 澳門議事亭前地16-A號地下連一樓及仁慈堂右巷3號地下連閣樓
  • 便民藥房(柏蕙店) – 澳門荷蘭園正街柏蕙花園大廈136-138J & K舖地下連閣樓
  • 便民藥房(南新店) – 澳門氹仔柯維納馬路南新第三座300、306、308B及308C號R、S、T & U舖地下
  • 便民藥房(黑沙環店) – 澳門慕拉士大馬路利德閣地下C舖
  • 便民藥房(盧苑店) – 澳門羅利老馬路1-O號蘆苑地下H舖
  • 便民藥房(光輝店) – 澳門科英布拉街474號J座及478號K座光輝苑(光輝商業中心)
  • 便民藥房(關閘店 ) – 澳門永定街120號南暉(第一座、第二座)X座地下連閣樓
  • 便民藥房(花城店) – 澳門氹仔南京街23號花城利盛、利豐、利厚、利盈、利茂AW座地下連閣仔
  • 便民藥房(威尼斯人店) – 澳門威尼斯人-度假村-酒店大運河購物中心三樓2652號a舖
  • 便民藥房(海名居店) – 澳門黑沙環中街26-30號海名居地下K座
  • 便民藥房(建興龍店) – 澳門羅馬街7-117號建興龍廣場(興海閣、建富閣)地下E & F座
  • 便民藥房(三盞燈店) – 澳門飛能便度街19-C號嘉樂花園地下C & D座
  • 便民Wellness(仁慈堂店) – 澳門議事亭前地16號地下
  • 泰豐超級市場 (海名居) – 澳門黑沙環中街74號海名居地下
  • 泰豐超級市場 (新口岸店) – 澳門上海街153號澳門中華總商會大廈地下
  • 泰豐超級市場 (氹仔店) – 氹仔南京街204~208號威翠花園地下K座


Shipping and Delivery2024-04-03T12:33:35+08:00

We offer free shipping on all orders in Hong Kong SAR. It takes 1-2 business days to process and ship your order (excluding weekends and holidays).

Miss Alice Lee – 22 years old

“Hanggone® keeps me “Buzzed” without the hangover. I can enjoy my morning after a great night drinking!”

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Mrs Natalie Wang – 37 years old

“Hanggone® is backed up by science, I trust!”

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Mr John Lee – 48 years old

“I get a headache every time I drink. With Hanggone®, I can enjoy drinks with my friends again!”

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Mr SkyAr – 56 years old

“I love Hanggone®, it solved my hangover problem. Perfect for business trips! ”

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