It is the time of the year where we gather and have a couple of drinks! But what if you face the problem of “Asian Flush”?
Don’t worry! HANGGONE® got you covered!

Christmas and New Year are coming! HANGGONE can alleviate the symptoms of hangovers and Asian flush when you drink, so you can enjoy your drink without any adverse effects and at the same time you can protect your liver. The sole ingredient of HANGGONE comes from Australian cows, and our high quality product is extracted by our patented technology and produced in Hong Kong.

HANGGONE® is a new generation of alcohol degradation health supplement. The main ingredient in HANGGONE® is a patented combination of enzymes (ADH & ALDH) extracted from the material sourced from Australia, and manufactured with modern biotechnology and extraction technologies. Before your liver is overloaded with alcohol, HANGGONE® can help to degrade most of the alcohol and its toxic by-products in the intestine into harmless substances, thereby preventing any hangover symptoms and allowing you to enjoy a sober morning!